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Dining at the MCM Nature Discovery Villa.

The dining experience in the MCM Nature Discovery Villa is second to none. We aim to bring back traditional flavours of past Malaysia and Southern Thailand, cooked in the traditionally without added chemicals.

We offer a sumptuous breakfast of traditional local fare.

The Malay cakes and curry puffs are all fresh home made in house.

Meals are home cooked fresh every day!

Our Country Kitchen also offers lunch and evening meals.

Please Note: These meals have to be booked at the same time as the room reservation is made in order to ensure enough fresh provisions are available.


There is also BBQ and Steamboat available by special request.


Latest offering to guests is our traditional Fish and Chips. Imported North Sea Haddock, Alaskan Pollock and Bering sea Red Fish served in light and crispy batter with chips and English Mushy Peas bringing an authentic real English meal to Malaysia's Little England.


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