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About Us

The MCM Nature Discovery Villa

It started with a dream!

We recognised the need for a quality holiday venue here in Fraser's hill that would offer the naturalist an opportunity to experience some of Malaysia's natural wonders. We searched and searched for a suitable bungalow that could fulfil our dream.

An old bungalow situated at one of the highest points on the hill became available. Derelict, deserted and run-down, this bungalow had potential to be what it takes but there was some serious work to do.

After nearly 5 years of hard work and sleepless nights the dream became a reality. MCM Nature Discovery Villa was born.

MCM is short form for Ming Ching McNeice.

The McNeice family were regular visitors to the hill, great friends and major supporters to our cause. Ming Ching sadly passed away and as a mark of our respect and to honour her memory this house carries her name.


What was the dream you may well ask? Well we want people to come and learn about some of Malaysia's natural wonders, spend time searching and learning about the natural world.

 During your stay at the Nature Discovery Villa, guests can experience a variety of activities such as a walk in the forest. Maybe venture out at night to view some of the more unusual nocturnal critters. See the great diversity of moths that come to the moth light (weather permitting).

Daytimes can be full with so many outdoor activities. Bird watching and photography are high on our guests agenda. Take a stroll or simply feed the ducks in our ducks of the world collection. When the nights are clear and during the new moon if we are really lucky you can even star gaze and see the milky way. The heavens are so full of stars there is no room for the blackness.

What ever it is our dream is that when you leave, you leave with more than you came with and can better appreciate the world around us.

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