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Nestled in the highlands of Malaysia in Fraser's Hill, Pahang. This newly renovated property offers a unique holiday destination high on Frasers's hill is ideally suited to bird watcher, photographers and naturalists, whether you be experienced or novice we are sure you will find something of interest here. Our nature service is an extension to the famous Stephens Place but with bigger rooms and more space to enjoy.

Of course rooms come with breakfast but now we are serving lunches and evening meals. All home cooked food, piping hot and just what is needed after a long day out searching for that elusive wildlife. Please remember to select meals at the time of reservation.

Unlike Stephens Place here at MCM we do also take families especially families with a keen interest in the outside world. There are a number of activities for kids to keep all occupied.





Bird Watchers, Naturalists and Photographers.

Being located deep in the telecom loop road means that wildlife spotting and photography is as good as it gets. Frasers hill is famous for its bird watching and many of these birds are visible from our garden. The unique booking system allows birdwatchers to be totally undisturbed. 

For the Fishermen,

Here at the Nature Discovery Villa we offer the highest fly fishing pond in the whole of Malaysia, stocked with a Large variety of sport fishes.

Family, activities here at the Nature Discovery Villa are, where ever possible, outdoor biased. We offer Mini Golf, Cycling, Fishing, Archery, Climbing, Trampolining, to name but a few. However if the weather turns bad there are also a variety of indoor games as well to keep the whole family occupied and active all day long.

Rooms & Rates


We have a total of 7 rooms in the main house, 5 are large sized floral themed rooms. 2 rooms are on the ground floor specially set up for wheel chairs and the elderly. Basically all are suites complete with lounge, fridge, queen bed and double decker bed together with ensuite bathrooms.

The 8th room is an exclusive sky cabin separated from the main complex that offers a private get away for the discerning couple. 



Nestled high in the clouds we are located on the telecom loop road at the highest point in Bukit Fraser or also known as Fraser's Hill in Pahang. A mere 3 kilometres from the town centre but far enough away to escape the holiday crowds that often fill the township. A short drive into the middle of the montain forest and you are here away from it all.

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