Flavours from Times Gone By

Our restaurant at MCM believes in sticking to tradition. Our food theme is simply to revive the senses from your childhood.

Taking one dish for example; Nasi Lemak yes a simple breakfast dish, but how many times do you buy this and find less egg, no ikan bills or nuts, the rice has no coconut taste or smell even maybe plain white rice as modern makan shops cut corners. What happened to our traditional tastes. Have people forgotten to freshly grind and then squeeze the coconut or to freshly fry crispy and light Ikan Bilis? Here at MCM we pried ourselves on reviving these recipes. We want our guests to taste and then remember "wow this is how my grandmother used to make this, such flavour", of course quantity. Home made

Malay cakes are also on the buffet freshly made the night before to ensure we maintain the original flavours.

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